Friday, November 21, 2008


Totally unbelievable (beginning around 03:10 in the clip):

What was she thinking?!

Boy, did I call this one wrong. I can overlook a lot of the guv's missteps but knowingly stupid press isn't one of them.


HowiTown said...

Is that real????

How can one individual be so **** dumb?

On the other hand, where exactly do we think we get our T-Day dinner? It may be ugly, but it is reality . . . hypocritical as we tend to be.

Welch Family Blog said...

Where do you think Thansgiving dinner comes from?


Paul said...

The grocery store?



No one is denying the hard reality of the origins of Turkey dinner.

I just don't think she needed to be standing right in front of that reality while giving a live TV interview.

Welch Family Blog said...

Liberal media setting the backdrop.