Saturday, November 01, 2008


It's conventional wisdom among politicos that these final days prior to Election Day are a critical period for the success of campaigns. Many campaigns even have "72-hour plans" designed to win over the remaining undecided voters.

In that spirit, here's my down-the-homestretch pitch for some excellent candidates:

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett

Attorney General Corbett is standing for re-election to his second term. He has been a strong public servant for the people of the Keystone State, actively working to eliminate pubic corruption. He previously served as the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

I was proud to have Attorney General Corbett's support during in my '06 State House race and am pleased to give him my backing now.

Monica Douglas for Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Monica is seeking to represent PA's 39th Legislative District which includes parts of southern Allegheny County and northeastern Washington County. She is currently president of Elizabeth Borough Council and executive director of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County. She is seeking to oust a longtime incumbent far past his prime.

Monica has been a friend of mine since our first State House races in 2002. I can bear witness that she is a strong and determined person who would work tirelessly to make the 39th a better place.

Greg Hopkins for Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Greg is running in PA's 50th Legislative District, which is literally the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania. The district includes small towns, villages and rural areas in all of Greene County and parts of Fayette and Washington counties.

Greg first sought this seat in 2006, coming up short by just a few percentage points. He again is working to oust a corrupt longtime incumbent who is a cancer on the Pennsylvania state government. Greg is a native of the 50th and would serve it well.

John Chromczak for New York State Senate

John is seeking to represent New York's 25th Senatorial District, which includes parts of lower Manhattan and western Brooklyn. A medical technologist by profession, John is a brave and tenacious person with the dedication and drive necessary to be a success in public life.

The good citizens of the 25th would do well by going against type in this open-seat race and giving John their vote.

Bill Buran for New York State Assembly

Bill is running in New York's 72nd Assembly District, which includes Inwood and Washington Heights in northern Manhattan. I first met Bill one day when he was working a table in Union Square Park for Congressman Ron Paul's presidential bid.

A small businessman, Bill is incredibly knowledgeable on the issues and is an excellent organizer. We are fortunate to have him as part of the democratic process in NYC.

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HowiTown said...

I think you also forgot to mention that Greg is hothothot. I'd vote for him for that reason alone . . .