Wednesday, June 28, 2006

$14.76 million

When I began this series of posts on the 2006-07 budgets in some of the school districts located in the 46th District, I wasn't expecting to see a trend. However, one trend has surfaced -- an increase in taxes by approximately three mills.

Caroline Shannon reports in today's O-R that the Fort Cherry School Board voted Monday to raise taxes by 2.75 mills, bringing total millage to 118.5 mills. From her article:

The tentative plan sets total spending at $14.763 million for the coming school year...

At that rate, the owner of a $100,000 home with an assessed value of $25,000 would pay $2,962 in taxes next year, an increase of almost $69.

Business manager Paul Sroka said the tax increase is the result of the "standard cost of operating." The extra funds, Sroka said, are needed for basic district expenditures, including employees' salaries.

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