Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mr. Matthews goes to McDonald

Yesterday (Tuesday, June 20) from 10 to 11 a.m., McDonald Borough was visited by Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Matthews, candidate for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor.

Jim enjoyed coffee and pastries at Schmidt's Family Restaurant with some local government officials including McDonald Mayor Jim Frazier, Oakdale Mayor Ross Rohbeck, Oakdale Council President Ronald "Huck" Gamble, McDonald Councilman Larry Hawk and yours truly.

Other locals around the table included Barbara Brockman of McDonald, Dave Nicksic of McDonald, Vicki Bozic of Midway, Meryl Hatton of Burgettstown, Debbie Guiddy of Burgettstown, Jack Rosati of Mt. Pleasant Township, Charlotte McCreanor of Cross Creek Township, Betty Brodmerkel of Frankfort Springs, Andy Walz of Washington and Snatchko Campaign Manager Tom Baker.

Jim shared some of his experiences on the campaign trail and said he was pleased to have the opportunity to learn more about Western PA -- especially more about the challenges facing the small boroughs of Washington County. After coffee, Jim and his aide, Trip Oliver, got a brief tour of McDonald's business district and even stopped in to say hello to Sandy at the Pittsburgh Cookie Co. (located in the historic Gladden Building in the center of town).

Later in the day, Jim visited Washington, PA, where he spoke to the Washington Rotary during their meeting at W&J and then toured the Washington City Mission. Seems like the quote of the day, captured by the always astute Barbara Miller of the O-R, was Jim's quip that incumbent Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll is "just one cheesesteak away" from being governor.

(CBK also has McDonald connections. Her late brother, John Baker, was a longtime resident of Mt. Pleasant Township and her nephews and their families still live off Fort Cherry Road.)

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