Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If A Tree Falls In the Woods...

I have served as a McDonald Borough Councilman for four years (cummulative). In that time, I can think of only one or two instances when any of my constituents commented to me on the development of our annual borough budget. I'm not sure if its due to the lack of media exposure or the complexity of the budgets themselves, but in most municipalities and school districts there generally seems to be little public comment on the annual taxing and spending plans. In McDonald, we make more policy decisions at our October budget workshops than at any other time of the year -- and there usually is not a single resident in the audidence.

So, in the spirt of bringing more attention to the allotment of local tax dollars, please check out this article in today's Observer-Reporter on the consideration of next year's budget for the Canon-McMillan School District (which includes Cecil Township in the 46th). BTW, it's great to see they are planning to reinstitute international trips for their students. Cheers to the C-M school board for taking this step!

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