Saturday, June 24, 2006

$25.99 million

Latest in our series on 2006-2007 school budgets in the 46th:

Karen Mansfield reports in today's O-R that the McGuffey School Board on Thursday adopted a $25.99 million general fund budget that requires a 3-mill tax increase. From Karen's article:

Directors voted 5-1 to adopt the spending plan. The district's real estate tax will be 111 mills. At that rate, the owner of an $80,000 home with an assessed value of $20,000 would pay $2,220 in taxes, an increase of $60, or roughly two percent more than last year...

Superintendent Joseph Stefka said the county's present assessment system has contributed to the school district's financial woes. Specifically, he cited the underassessment of mineral rights and a shrinking enrollment as concerns...Over the past 10 years, McGuffey's enrollment has shrunk by about 600 students, Stefka said, and the district projects it could lose about 200 students over the next four years.

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