Thursday, June 22, 2006

Naked Science

One of the greatest treasures of the 46th District is the Meadowcroft Rockshelter & Museum of Rural Life. It's located in Jefferson Township but you have to drive through the village of Avella in Independence Township to reach it. Two generations of local children have visited the Museum of Rural Life on elementary school field trips. But, in recent years, it's the Rockshelter that has garnered national and international attention.

Artifacts found at the Rockshelter point to human existence at the site some 20,000 years ago -- which some scientists believe is the oldest such evidence in North America. In today's Observer-Reporter, Caroline Shannon tells us that National Geographic will spotlight the Meadowcroft Rockshelter on an upcoming episode of its "Naked Science" television program that will seek to answer questions about the origin of prehistoric humans in North America.

If I am elected on November 7, I will seek new ways to make Meadowcroft a bigger part of revitalization initiatives that improve Avella's image and economy. For instance, I believe we could create fun "Weekends in the Country" for tourists that include visits to Meadowcroft and a stay at the nearby Weatherbury Farm Bed-and-Breakfast. Such tourists may also want to catch a Wild Things game, attend a play by the Old Schoolhouse Players in Hickory or a show at Post-Gazette Pavilion (all in or very near the 46th).

Update (June 25): Janice Crompton has an article about the National Geographic shoot in the Washington Section of today's Post-Gazette.

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Sara said...

A tour connected with the rockshelter sounds like a wonderful idea! In addition to Weatherbury Farm, perhaps it could include a stop at Breezy Heights tavern, an extremely unique establishment near West Middletown, Pa. Another idea would be a historical driving tour that could take place during one weekend and include all the local historical societies, such as the Fort Vance Historical Society, the A.D. White Society, and others. Also, in West Middletown, is the cemetery where Night of the Living Dead was filmed. It's off the main street in West Middletown, which was a major hub of the Underground Railroad. It would be beneficial for our state legistalor to help combine resources to showcase our district's historical treasures, which are many!