Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Planning for the Future in Cecil Township

Yesterday evening, I attended the inaugural meeting of the newly-formed Cecil Township Advisory Planning Council, which has been charged with evaluating the township's comprehensive plan (adopted in 1997). I was impressed by how thoroughly and professionally the group, led by Elizabeth Cowden and Anne McFeatters, approached the task.

In the coming months, the APC will be taking an in-depth look at how the township's zoning will impact future development. The group's next meeting is at 7 p.m., Wednesday, July 19. Cecil Township residents interested in the pace and nature of growth in their community should attend!

Before stopping at the township building, I had the opportunity to speak to the members of the Cecil Township Volunteer Fire Company #3. They are now planning for their upcoming summing carnival to be held July 17 to July 22 on the grounds of the fire department in the village of Cecil on Route 50. Look for yours truly to be walking in their annual parade on Saturday, July 22.

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