Friday, December 01, 2006

Home with the flu?

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Mario F. Cattabiani and Angela Couloumbis have an interesting article at that outlines possible ways John Perzel could remain PA House Speaker even if the Democrats become the chamber's majority party by a count of 102 to 101. How?:

He could try to lure a Democrat to turn Republican. And he implied last week that efforts were under way to do just that.

Or he could attempt to go where few lawmakers have gone: run for speaker in January, and try to get a few Democrats - possibly from the Philadelphia delegation -to vote for him. Or even to convince them to stay home with the flu on the day of the election, ensuring that Republicans outnumber Democrats that day.

Whatever path he takes, those who have worked with him or observed him over the years say it is unlikely he will let go of his leadership position, and all the power and perks that go with it, without a battle.

"Perzel will fight to the last dead dog to hold on because that's the nature of power," said political analyst G. Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College.


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