Sunday, December 31, 2006

In The Rough

Last night, we saw "Blood Diamond," a film about the illegal diamond trade and civil war in Sierra Leone in West Africa.

It is an important movie to see -- to learn more about conflict diamonds and how First World brides encourage their flow. But, with some iffy acting and contrived action sequences, the film itself comes up short.

I had trouble with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role of the diamond mercenary. Except for a good final scene, I was never able to accept him in the part. Maybe it was the accent.

Jennifer Connelly, playing an American journalist, saves every scene in which she is featured.

Djimon Housoun was excellent as the father dragged away from his family and plunged into the chaos. I would not be surprised to see him receive an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the part. (Although, some might argue it's another MAAF role.)

Michael Sheen had a bit part at the end of the movie as a London-based diamond merchant. While he has only a few lines here, be sure to check him out as Tony Blair in "The Queen."

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