Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Patricia Lowry on the slots parlor

For many years, I have enjoyed the writing and perspectives of Patricia Lowry, the P-G's architecture critic. Yesterday, her column was about the three proposals for the slots casino slated for the City of Pittsburgh.

She gives a nod to the "Majestic Star" casino proposed for the North Shore. But didn't Dan Rooney say he doesn't want it there? The Steelers owner probably knows the Northside better than anyone.

Ms. Lowry references an op-ed piece in last week's P-G by Pittsburgh-based architects and urban designers Dan Rothschild and Ken Doyno in which they endorse the North Shore plan.

A majority of PUMP members favored the Isle of Capri plan for the Hill District that would include building a new arena for the Penguins.

If the Isle of Capri plan were to be successful, I wonder its impact on Epiphany Catholic Church (pictured below). Being across the street from the site, a casino there could pose a challenging but unique opportunity for ministry.

According to an article in today's P-G, the successful applicant will be announced this a.m.

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