Saturday, December 02, 2006

WashPA's woes

Christie Campbell has an alarming article in today's Observer-Reporter about the City of Washington's cash flow problems. It has become increasingly obvious that WashPA's tax base is no longer able to sustain the city's government operations and services.

The city's officials should approach the leadership of the neighboring municipalities and begin taking serious steps leading to municipal consolidations or at least some consolidated services. WashPA is bordered by East Washington Borough, South Strabane Township, North Franklin Township and Canton Township -- one or more of which could join with the city to realize economy-of-scale savings.

It's also time for Washington County Commissioners Bracken Burns, Larry Maggi and Diana Irey as well as State Senator Barry Stout and State Representative Tim Solobay to spend some of their political capital to push the city officials and the leaders of the neighboring municipalities to come together in support of such municipal consolidations and/or shared services agreements.

These county and state-level officials need to push these hard decisions to be made. They need to push the municipal officials to make some unpopular decisions and possibly lose their fiefdoms for the greater long-term good.

There have been enough meetings. There have been enough studies. It is time for action.

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