Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Over at Life in Progress, Heidi Price has a post about her stop at one the slot machine parlors that now dominate the small towns of the West Virginia Panhandle.

I can't find the article online but Heidi's post put me in mind of the item that appeared some time ago in one of the papers about how many of the ice cream shops in and near Chester, West Virginia (home of Mountaineer Park), had closed to become slots parlors.

Could this be a sign of things to come in the Pennsylvania of Governor Rendell (free drinks) and a Speaker DeWeese (table games)?

Being the Christmas season, I guess all of this also put me in mind of the George Bailey-less Pottersville in "It's A Wonderful Life." Will slot machines change our own versions of Bedford Falls?

Photo of George Bailey in Pottersville from wikipedia.com

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Scott E. Crawford said...

Well written. That anology seems quite appropriate, considering the state democrat's main economic "solution." Evidently, government money takes precedent over morals, although the Dems would tell it differently. Using their logic, prostitution and marijuana should also be legalized. I doubt many people will come out-of-state to gamble in Pennsylvania. Quite frankly, this policy is unrealistic and ineffective. The most likely outcome of such actions is a socialist state, where local businesses are completely eradicated, replaced by government-run businesses. Jim Matthews said it best when he noted that Philadedlphia had 2.5 million citizens in 1950, and now has roughly half that. The only lasting solution is to reduce the corporate tax and create a business-friendly environment in Pennsylvania. Until the tax burden on businesses is lifted, jobs and citizens will continue to leave the area. Such is the logic of Mr. Rendell...