Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No Lines. No Stress. No Business?

I'm currently sitting at the USAirways terminal at LaGuardia Airport waiting for my Thanksgiving weekend flight to PIT.

I have to say -- this terminal is a shadow of its former self. There was a time, at least in the 90s, when it was very busy here on the evening prior to a major holiday.

Tonight? Nothing. No lines. No crowded gates. Nada. I walked right up to both the ticket counter and the security checkpoint.

Don't get me wrong. As a consumer, I'm grateful for the quick and easy service. The lack of stress is great. But, what does this mean for USAirways?

Oh, there is one similarity to those bygone days of pre-holiday madness here at the LaGuardia USAirways terminal:

My flight has been delayed an hour.

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Vince said...

When Adam and I flew to NYC, we took American Eagle (a regional American carrier). It was cheap and easy...just like Adam's mom!