Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Scud Missile to Secularism

Speaking of The Anchoress, my gig received two hat-tips from her today in a thought-provoking post on how belief in the Incarnation changes your life.

Key graphs:

It is hard to move out of our comfort zones and let go of our own illusion (or delusion) that we have a great deal of control over things, that we are masters of our own little universes, accountable to no one and nothing. We don’t want anyone or anything getting between us and what we want, or messing up our perceptions of individual omnipotence and autonomy. And we certainly do hate the idea of having to answer to anyone, especially to One who is perfect.

So, the woman I knew could not allow “doubt” to enter into her secularist comfort zone and risk it being blown all to pieces. To accept the notion that a Creator God would do the unthinkable and actually join his Creation, in flesh, in poverty, in helplessness - not as a mighty ruler, but as a vulnerable baby, to accept only that part the Christian narrative would act as a scud missile to secularism, leaving a sizable crater of doubt.

The secularist/relativistic view has a surprising disdain for doubt. Surprising because ‘doubt’ is part and parcel of relativism. Everything is to be doubted, then, except doubt, itself. Don’t doubt secularism.

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