Saturday, July 19, 2008

WYD '08: Wish I was there!

I regret not posting more this week about everything taking place in Australia for World Youth Day. I certainly wish I was there!

It looks like Mike has been having a great week covering the scene for Busted Halo. In one of his posts, he talked about his discernment of a call to be a permanent deacon (like Deacon Greg).

I also have been impressed with the Love and Life Site sponsored by the Sisters of Life and the Knights of Columbus.

For full coverage of the WYD '08 happenings and the text of B16's homilies and remarks, head over to Whispers in the Loggia.

I think it is very cool that the pope has been texting the pilgrims! According to a Zenit News Service report, one of the text messages read:

"The spirit impels us 4ward 2wards others; the fire of his love makes us missionaries of God's charity. See u tomorrow nite - BXVI."

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