Monday, July 21, 2008

Your Tax Dollars At Work

While we're on the subject of the misdeeds of the Democratic caucus in the PA House of Representatives, it's important to note this article that ran in Sunday's Post-Gazette.

From Dennis Roddy and Tracie Mauriello:

As the pivotal 2006 legislative election season began, top Democratic House aides, using state resources, undertook a wide-ranging opposition research campaign into both Democratic and Republican office seekers, e-mails show.

The project was spearheaded by Eric Webb, director of the Democratic Office of Member Services, who, on Jan. 31, sent e-mails to state employees advising them to begin digging up information on 35 declared and potential candidates for the state House.

The Democrats spent tax dollars to dig up dirt on their political opponents, notably the candidates endorsed by PA CleanSweep. Yours truly was one of those 2006 opponents.

I wonder if I can see their "Snatchko" file. It likely contains some of the dirt the Democrats threw in October of that year after I had taken a clean campaign pledge.

Confidential memo to all my Democratic friends: You know I love ya. But, remember, when it comes to down-ticket races, many of the local Democratic politicians are not the kind of people you want anywhere near public office. Check them out thoroughly before you give them your vote just because they have a D next to their names.


Stacy said...

Paul: I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago & love reading the local tidbits you write. The blogs about Larry Hawk & Bob Clark were especially outstanding.

But after reading the last paragraph in your blog today, felt I had to post a comment to say I personally know a lot of good people in the political field (especially Tax Collectors!) - not everyone has a hidden agenda.

Keep on blogging. You always had a great flair with the pen (now keyboard).

I hope you are enjoying your work (it certainly sounds like it & how cool was it to wave to the Pope and be in the photo with him???), and keep blogging about McDonald. Maybe one day, your blogs can be compiled into a book like Alice Thomassy's.

Stacy Dunks Zeno
Robinson Twp. Tax Collector

Paul said...

Thanks, Stacy! You are correct. There are a lot of good people in local politics too.

I admit to being steamed when I wrote that post last night. The fact that tax dollars were used to fund opposition research in my last State House race is really bothering me.

Thanks for all you do!

Stacy said...

Paul: Whenever we were trying to raise funds to build the new building for Heritage Library, we met with so much opposition it was unbelievable. After it was completed, I'll never forget what someone said to me "You accomplished what 95% of the people in this town didn't think could be done." That meant a lot after the up & downs. All the stuff we went thru happened for a reason - I learned a lot & it's helped me in life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you are where you are at right now because it's where you are supposed to be - it hurts not to win for whatever reason, but it probably made you a stronger person. Enjoy what you are doing & don't be made about what you don't have any control over. Take care. Stacy

Scott E. Crawford said...

Unfortunately, corruption does not merely extend to the legislature in Pennsylvania. Ever since my brother's custody hearing, I've heard countless horror stories from him and many others concerning the detestable corruption that is rampant throughout the Beaver County Judicial system. It's not about justice- it's about how well connected your lawyer is with the judge.

There are many good people in local politics. Unfortunately, it seems like many of them don't get elected. And the actions of one bad politician can overshadow the work of many good ones.