Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Canton Revitilization

On July 13, I was able to attend the Canton Township meeting where the township supervisors, in conjunction with the Washington County Redevelopment Authority, and the Canton Planning Commission introduced the preliminary plan for Canton revitilization, or as it has been dubbed "Canton 2010." During the following six months residents and local businesses will be able to provide their input as to what should be placed in the area set aside for redevelopment. For more information on the project please see this link:

The residents in attendance at the meeting also expressed their desire for a Canton park to be opened. While 42 acres have been set aside for the project no money exists currently for it to be carried through. I believe this to be another reason Paul Snatchko should be elected to State House. He will fight to provide monies for quality projects, that can only enhance the 46th District as a whole. If citizens are dedicated to getting a project completed they should have a State Representative who will be there to fight with them, not tell them why it can't happen. Exactly how Paul would handle things if he were to be elected.

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