Monday, July 31, 2006

What rain?

THANK YOU to all those who participated in, helped to organize and contributed to our 2nd Paul Snatchko for State House Golf Outing on Friday at Fort Cherry Golf Club. We had a great time despite two rain delays in the early morning. Congratulations to our winners:

1st Place: Team from Boilermakers Local 154. (Pictured at right. They were ten under par!)

2nd Place: Republican State Committeewoman Albie Mercer, Bob Mercer, Tod Wilcock and Barb Wilcock (Six under par!)

3rd Place: Joe Snatchko & George Fedinetz

My THANKS goes out to:

-- ALL of our golfers as well as everyone who joined us just for the post-golf luncheon.

-- Our Sponsors: Captain Steven Fischer, Richard Lounder, Michael Wallace and Paul Adomshick.

-- Our Donors: Joe Snatchko, Chris Kramer, Mary Ann Green, Sandy West, Meryl Hatton, Ron Kramer, Susan Stravakis and Kay Snatchko.

-- The Golf Outing Committee: Sara Snatchko (Chair), Joe Snatchko (Co-Chair), Kay Snatchko, Mary Ellen Snatchko, Erin Snatchko, John Welch, Campaign Manager Tom Baker and Assistant Campaign Manager Andy Walz. (Tom, Aunt Kay and Sara are pictured at left.)

-- Dave Arison and the staff at Fort Cherry Golf Club for their kind hospitality and excellent service!

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