Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Year of Reform

Last November, Paul and I started meeting to work on the State House race in the 46th District. Paul stressed to me at the time that 2006 truly was going to be the "year of reform". While I wasn't certain at first with regards to how right he was, I am happy to see that this important issue has continued to stay relevant.

The top story in the Post-Gazette today is about the expenses associated with our state representatives. The article can be read at: Paul was absolutely correct in predicting that reform and making our government function in an affordable and effective manner would be paramount to voters this year. He vowed last December to not accept the stipend for a car that State House members are provided. This is the same concept that we have seen the State Senate take steps recently to address.

Paul is truly the reform-oriented candidate in this race and has been sharing this message since the end of 2005. I feel strongly that he will work his future colleagues in Harrisburg to help make our state government more cost effective and efficient.

Tom Baker, Campaign Manager - Snatchko 2006

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