Sunday, July 23, 2006

Some Words of Thanks

I need to extend a BIG THANK YOU to all those Snatchko Campaign volunteers who have helped out the last few days on a myriad of activities:

To everyone who helped to pass out balloons and otherwise support yours truly at the Oakdale Hose Company's parade and carnival on Friday evening and the Cecil Township Fire Company No. 3's parade and carnival earlier tonight. These supporters included: Assistant Campaign Manager Andy Walz and his college buddy Beth Floro; my cousin, Josh Snatchko of Oakdale; Mike and Heidi Neville; and Bob Keagy. Thanks also to Ernie McCullough, Meryl Hatton and Campaign Manager Tom Baker who joined me at the carnivals earlier in the week.

To the Snatchko Golf Outing Committee -- the members of which are now putting the finishing touches on the 2nd Paul Snatchko for State House Golf Outing to be held the morning of Friday, July 28 at Fort Cherry Golf Club. The committee includes: my cousins Sara Snatchko and Mary Ellen Snatchko; my aunt, Kay Snatchko; my brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Erin Snatchko; John Welch; and Campaign Manager Tom Baker. There is still time to RSVP for the golf outing if you would like to golf or just attend the post-golf luncheon. To make a reservation, please contact Sara at (724) 531-1991 or

To those family members and friends who joined me Thursday evening when we had some new photos taken for our campaign literature. Here's a sneak peak at one of the photos:

This wonderful group includes (clockwise from the top): Ernie McCullough of South Franklin Township; Andy Walz; Betty Brodmerkel of Frankfort Springs; my cousin Casey Fehl Horvath holding her three-week-old son, Brandon Richard Horvath; Rocco Giglio of Mt. Pleasant Township; and my Goddaughter, Georgianna Horvath.

Quick Aside:
You can see little Brandon Richard yawning in the photo above. He slept through the entire photo shoot -- despite the flash, barking dogs and other unexpected distractions. It's very appropriate he's in the photo, however. His middle name is taken from his paternal grandfather, Rich Horvath, who passed away a few years back. Rich was a big supporter during my 2002 race for the 46th District seat, putting up yard signs in parts of Robinson Township that I then didn't know existed. I'm glad to have Rich's namesake be a part of this year's campaign (even if he slept through the moment).

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