Thursday, July 20, 2006

King Coal Part Two

Dave Templeton has a well-done article in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette summing up the current status of the proposed refuse-coal power plant in Robinson Township. From Dave's article:

The commission said the company's application was deficient in describing land development, storm-water management, erosion and sediment control and grading once fly ash is disposed on site.

The commission also raised concern that the company will create the largest and most concentrated fly-ash and coal-combustion waste disposal site in eastern United States.

Fly ash, produced when coal or coal refuse is burned, contains heavy metals and other contaminants. The company proposes turning the fly ash into concrete to stabilize it before disposal.

Judy Kramer, planning commission secretary, said the six commission members did hundreds of hours of impartial research before rendering a decision.

"[Company officials] failed to prove they could control the dust," she said. "They failed to prove the project would not become a nuisance. They failed to prove they could control storm-water runoff."

The project, whose size gives it "regional significance," also would disturb an already contaminated site that's higher than surrounding properties, the commission said.

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