Monday, July 24, 2006

A Greenhouse Grows in Buffalo

The O-R had a great profile today out of Buffalo Township -- the story of Peg Hoover who recently became a small business owner for the first time at age 75.

From the article:

Throughout her life, especially in her 21 years working in a greenhouse, she always held strong to the notion that she wanted to start her own business.

In late April, she opened Peg's Greenhouse on a plot behind her Buffalo Township home, just off Mounts Valley Road.

She had just turned 75 which, as Hoover sees it, was all the more reason to stay busy.

"People sit down once they become 65 and they don't move and they die," said Hoover. "It was an easy decision because I'm in good health and my doctor said, 'Go for it, girl.'"

O-R Business Editor Mike Bradwell also had a piece in today's paper about another woman from the 46th District who is starting a new small business -- Michelle Hernandez of Burgettstown who has created the "Skatermom" clothing label. Craig Howell also has an article on Michelle in the PA Focus.

BEST WISHES to these two local entrepreneurs!

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