Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Celebrating the 4th in Canonsburg

We had a great time today at the Canonsburg 4th of July Parade! Above is a picture taken by Canonsburg photographer Steve Burchesky of Tom Baker, Ernie McCullough and yours truly as we made our way along the parade route greeting voters. (Thank you to Steve for sending us this photo!)

THANK YOU to all those supporters who came out today in the rain to pass out balloons for me and other GOP candidates to parade-goers. Some of our friends braving the elements included Joanna Renko, Kim Ward, Meryl Hatton, Bonnie West, Sandy West, Caitlin Amos, Erin Baker, Lyn Tinkey, Andy Walz, Albie Mercer, Laura Zajdel, Chad McCutcheon, Lisa Maust, Eric Maust, Theresa Maust, Liz Davies, Hal Davies, Tammy Davis and Jason Davidek -- as well as Ernie and Tom. And a Special Thank-You to Shirley Liapes of Bluff Avenue for opening up her parade-route home to our volunteers!

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