Friday, January 16, 2015

In Memoriam: Stefan Schack, 1972 - 2014

Back in my single days, I dated four people who had birthdays during this middle week of January.  I always wondered what it was that attracted these mid-winter babies to a summer person like me.

One of these old flames was Stefan Schack, whose birthday was today (January 16).  Sadly, this was a birthday that Stefan did not live to see.  He passed away on July 29, 2014.

Stefan had a beautiful, deep voice.  He was a man with devoted friends.  And, he had a keen photographer's eye.  (His Instagram account is a wonderful tribute to his love for architecture and the places he visited.)

Via Facebook, I still can read the messages that Stefan and I exchanged.  After Eric and I announced our engagement, he was so gracious, writing, "Hey stranger - heard you are getting married!  Just wanted to say congratulations - wish you the best ... "

I pray that you are resting in peace, Stefan.  The world is less for your early passing.

And, "Happy Birthday!" one last time.