Monday, July 06, 2020

COVID-19 Diary: Day 115

Dear Old Blog,

I'm sorry this has to be spelled out:

Donald Trump is a racist.

He says racist things. He supports racists. He has racist policies.

There are people in our own families who support Donald Trump.

Those people enable his racist statements. Those people enable his support of racists. Those people enable his racist policies.

So, those people are also racists.

The Trump supporters are racists.

I'm sorry if they are members of your families. I'm sorry that some of them are members of my family. 

But, bottom line:

If your sweet grandma supports Trump, your grandma is a racist.

If your Wall Street-working brother supports Trump, your brother is a racist.

If a cousin of mine supports Trump, that cousin of mine is a racist.

This is how it is.

And, racists should hang their heads in shame. They should repent and turn away from Trump before our country is damaged further.


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